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James Conroyd Martin Awarded Gold Medal

On January 27th, 2007, in a splendid evening of entertainment, novelist James Conroyd Martin was awarded a gold medal by The American Institute of Polish Culture. Martin was honored “for promotion of Polish history and culture.” In the presentation of the medal, Lady Blanka Rosenstiel, founder and president of the institute, cited Martin’s books as “extraordinarily beautiful and insightful.”

The author is shown here with Lady Blanka Rosenstiel, founder and president of The American Council of Polish Culture, who presented him with the institute's gold medal.

The theme for the institute’s 35th International Polonaise Ball, held at The Surf Club in Miami, was “400 Years of Jamestown,” celebrating the important contributions of Polish noblemen and artisans to the colony. The evening included the Keherwin Indian dancers, as well traditional folk dancing by New York’s Polish American Folk Dance Company.

Also receiving awards were Thaddeus Piotrowski (The Polish Deportees of World War II) and the writing team of Lynn Olson and Stanley Cloud (A Question of Honor). All considered themselves in good company because past recipients of the institute’s gold medal include Lech Walesa, director Jerzy Hoffman, Senator Barbara Mikulski, as well as writers James Michener, Jerzy Kosinski, and Norman Davies.

Polish Translations Available

Nie ponaglaj rzeki, the Polish translation of Push Not the River, is available again in Poland and at Polish-American bookstores after having sold out, at 20,000 copies.  Pod purpurowym niebem, the translation of Against a Crimson Sky, was released in December, 2007, and also became a bestseller.

Free Autographed Bookplates

Autographed bookplates for your copies of Push Not the River and Against a Crimson Sky are available. Just send a note and self-addressed stamped envelope to:
James Conroyd Martin
698 W. Irving Park Road A-7
Chicago, Illinois 60613

If you have one, include your e-mail address.

James Martin's Appearance on The Morning Blend

The video below is James Martin's appearance on The Morning Blend from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. June 12, 2008

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